Animals with superpowers?

Utterly ridiculous! 
It just can’t be!

Embark on a wild ride with a most unlikely band of heroes in D.M. Gregg’s exciting novel, Midnight’s Ghost Riders- Follow Me - ‘I Am’. With the fate of mankind hanging in the balance, Midnight’s Ghost Riders are trusted to save the day. When the professor’s lab experiment takes an unexpected turn Midnight, a cat, is transformed into an immortal hero with magical powers and healing abilities. Along with Roedee, a genetically engineered mouse and Ghost Kitty, Midnight’s former nemesis, the three unite their powers to ward off  the threats of Zorah, the wicked ruler of the New World Order. This science fiction fantasy adventure plunges the reader into a battle between good and evil. Complete with a collection of ferocious companions, you’ll come face to face with the kitty whacker, the gargyies, and a reformed dragon. Find six jingles (song-titles) in this sci-fi  thriller starting with the title of this book.


Can the Ghost Riders save the day? Will the evil Zorah triumph? Perfect for lovers of fantasy, the twists and turns never stop. Watch for the sequel, ‘Midnight’s Ghost Riders – ‘I Am’ the Word.

Midnight's Ghost Riders_ _I Am_ The Word

Animals with superpowers?

Absolutely absurd!

Or is it?

Midnight’s Ghost Riders - Follow Me - ‘I Am’--with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance, an unlikely band of heroes is trusted to save the day. But one of the brothers is slain, and the circle of the power of three is broken.

Find out in this sequel, Midnight’s Ghost Riders: I Am the Word, and follow the adventures of the trio, a band of heavenly riders who storm across the endless sky, advocating goodness to proclaim to mankind, “Either change your evil ways or be caught by the fallen angel and doomed forever.” Will Midnight survive the attack of Zorah? Will Ghost Kitty rejoin his brothers or just keep thinking only about himself? Will Roedee learn the ways of the werecats and become a shapeshifter too? What does the future hold now that the threesome are mortal? What about Zorah? Where will he strike next? Will Dragon and the gargyies continue to protect the pack? What about the Professor and Thomas and Telesa? Will they play a role in helping the Ghost Riders defeat their nemesis, Zorah? Or will it be I Am and the power of the word? Find six diff erent jingles (song titles) in this sci-fi  thriller

Midnight's Ghost Riders_ The Lamb Return

Animals with superpowers?

You’ve got to be kidding!

Is it really possible?

Midnight’s Ghost Riders –‘I Am’ the Word – with the fate of mankind still hanging in the balance, the unlikely band of heroes embark on a mission to try and rescue little Zack. Will the Ghost Riders be able to save him from the fallen angel? What about Zorah? Has his hidden identity fi nally been revealed? What lies ahead for the young boy as he grows into a man?

Find out in this fi nal sequel, Midnight’s Ghost Riders – ‘The Lamb Returns’ – Armageddon and follow the adventures of the trio to proclaim to mankind, either change your evil ways or be doomed forevermore upon the return of ‘The Lamb-Yeshua.’ Will Zorah succeed this time with his New World Order? Find six jingles (song titles) in this sci-fi  thriller starting with the title of this book. Perfect for lovers of fantasy. The twists and turns never stop and the end is never the end. Have you decided where you’re going to spend your eternity?

All Proceeds From Book Sales will be donated to KARM - Knox Area Rescue Mission to feed the hungry and help the homeless. 


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