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Midnight’s Ghost Riders Trilogy

Hello everyone, I truly hope you enjoy this trilogy of Midnight’s Ghost Riders. When I was a young teenager it was put upon my heart to write a story about two cats and a mouse who saved the world and the title was going to be ‘It Came Upon A Midnight Clear’ but I never did anything about it, but the seed was planted. Later in life in my early 50’s, I began to write and it was like the story wrote itself. When I started to pen this story, the only thing I knew is that the main character’s name would be ‘Midnight’ and he would be a solid black cat.

I’ve always believed in God but until this time I never really had a relationship with Him and it was He who inspired the trilogy. As a result, I rewrote ‘It Came Upon A Midnight Clear’ and changed the title to ‘Midnight’s Ghost Riders, Follow Me I Am’ where Midnight is introduced to Thomas Sheffield who finds this cuddly little kitten in a dumpster almost frozen to death who decides to name him Midnight. That was the start of a beautiful friendship. Ghost Kitty, who is Midnight’s nemesis and Roedee, the mouse cloned by the Professor to destroy the evil white cat is introduced.

After many trials and tribulations involving the shadow people, werecats and the kitty whacker, gargyies and a reformed dragon, the trio become united as brothers to fight injustice and consequently they become ‘Midnight’s Ghost Riders.’ They wonder who is the voice in the sky that speaks to them and gives them guidance? Of course, the sinister Zorah emerges trying to take over the world and create his New World Order and the Ghost Riders save the day but something very unexpected happens at the end.

The second book, ‘Midnight’s Ghost Riders – I Am the Word’ identifies the voice in the sky and the trio is granted with a very special wish. But, just like a bad penny, Zorah keeps turning up but the Ghost Rider’s prevail but pay a precious price.

The third book, ‘Midnight’s Ghost Riders – ‘The Lamb Returns – Armageddon’ is when the voice in the sky returns to earth to save everyone who is His. At the end of the book it gives the reader the opportunity to accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior and become part of God’s family. There are many lessons learned in this series and my goal is to teach our young adults, who are the target audience to educate them about the end of days in the event they are around when all the bible prophecies come to pass just as they are today! I pray that if they do not know the Lord, they will recognize the signs and not take the mark of beast and conceivably, get saved. All for one and one for all!

D.M. Gregg (Author)

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